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Kentuckiensis VII

Book of Hours

1470 Paris (?), School of Maître François

150x106mm, inexact foliation

This complete and highly ornamented Book of Hours is unique in this collection in that, on the basis of style and iconography, it may be attributed to a particular artist of the second half of the fifteenth century, one Maître François, named as "Egregius Pictor Franciscus" in another source. This attribution is due to the work of Priscilla Bain Smith in her M.A. thesis [University of Kentucky], who demonstrated how not only the miniatures, ornaments, and initials, but also the choices in the variable portions of the Book of Hours' composition are characteristic of other Hours known to be by François' hand.

Notes from "The Illumined Word." University of Kentucky Art Museum. Catalog, 1983.

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